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[[Sharon is moving through the passageways of the Greys' ship, after slipping away from Ki and Trudy in the previous strip. While she's moving she's thinking to herself.]]
Sharon: [thinking] I hated to get those two arguing, but I needed the distraction to slip away. I'll apologize to both of them later.

[[She pauses outside an opening, where a sign taped to the wall says "No humans beyond this point!"]]
Sharon: [thinking] It's just Trudy's been watching me like a hawk, and so has Fooker. I know WHY, and while I know they're trying to protect me it's BEYOND frustrating.

[[She watches as two Grey clones move past on the other side of the opening.]]
Sharon: [thinking] But with Fooker tied up with another VLURM coding assignment and Trudy distracted by Ki, I can FINALLY sneak off and do what I've been dying to do since we came aboard...

Sharon: [grinning slyly] I'm going to finally meet my mother...

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