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[[Sharon has moved deeper into the "Grey Only" areas of the Greys' ship, continuing her search for where her mother is being held. She is carefully sneaking past wandering clones.]]
Sharon: [thinking] Trouble is, I have no idea where WHERE Mom is. This ship is HUGE, and I haven't heard squat about where she's being kept.

[[Sharon stops next to a circular door.]]
Sharon: [thinking] I guess I'll just have to try a few random doors and see where they lead. That couldn't POSSIBLY get me into trouble, now could it?
[[The door starts to open at her approach.]]

[[The perspective shifts to the inside of the room behind the door. We see her entering a room filled with Grey clones (including some that are standing "inverted" on the ceiling), all working with the Skaboola. All of them turn to face her, including the Skaboola who is glaring disapprovingly at her.]]
Sharon: [thinking, with a surprised expression coming to her face] Or... I could just wander onto the ship's bridge...

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