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[[In her quest to find her mother somewhere in the Greys' ship, Sharon has accidentally wandered into the main bridge. All of the clones begin to gather around her, including the Skaboola. He floats toward her, smiling sarcastically.]]
Skaboola: Let me see... Sharon, isn't it? And for what reason are we paid this honor...?
Sharon: [smiling innocently] Sorry... I guess I took a wrong turn somewhere...

[[The clones gather tightly around her, forcing her back toward the door. The Skaboola's smile disappears into a disapproving frown.]]
Skaboola: For your own safety, I recommend you refrain from entering the bridge unescorted. It is not a place for those unfamiliar with our protocols.

[[The door opens and the wall of clones force her to back out through it. The Skaboola speaks as the door starts to close in her face.]]
Skaboola: Perhaps we can arrange a more formal tour in the future. For now, I strongly suggest you remains in the "human designated" parts of the ship.

[[The door finishes closing, blocking her view of the bridge and its occupants.]]
Sharon: [darkly] I don't suppose you'd mind answering one quick question first...

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