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[[After being forced off the bridge of the Greys' ship, Sharon continues her wandering search for her mother. She approaches a large door with an alien language inscription running down the middle.]]
Sharon: [thinking] Smooth, Sharon... Next time, why don't you just saunter into the ship's armory, why don't you...

[[The door opens in front of her, revealing Bohr, the warrior clone. He towers over her, arms crossed as he glares malevolently.]]
Sharon: [nervously] Oh! Um... Bohr, isn't it? Sorry... Y-you startled me...

Bohr: The ship's armory is off limits to humans. You will not make this mistake a second time.

[[The door closes in her face.]]
Sharon: [thinking] OK, strike two. Fifty bucks says I walk out of an airlock next...

References: Bohr
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