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[[After accidentally finding the ship's bridge and armory, Sharon continues to sneak through the halls of the Greys' ship in search of her mother.]]
Sharon: [thinking] Still no luck, and I've been at this for at least an hour. If I'm not careful, I'm going to get myself lost.

[[Her expression saddens as she realizes that has, in fact, happened.]]
Sharon: [thinking] And... now I AM lost. I have no clue where I am. I'll have to page Pi or Planck to come find me...
[[A voice sounds behind her.]]
Voice: What's this? A little lamb wandering away from the fold...?

[[She turns toward the voice, and sees a bearded male figure standing behind a slightly glowing force field with his arms crossed.]]
Sharon: Who's there? What do you want?
Voice: You must forgive a chivalrous old soldier. I jest only lightly.

[[She (and we) recognizes the speaker as Colonel Lionel Barker.]]
Colonel: I could never resist a pretty young damsel in distress...

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