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[[Sharon has been wandering through the Greys' ship in an attempt to find where they're holding her mother. Instead, though, she's found Colonel Lionel Barker, who is being held in a cell behind a glowing force field. The two are glaring at each other as they begin to talk.]]
Sharon: Colonel Barker... So THIS is your pen. I see you're being treated better than you deserve.
Colonel: I've seen worse. These "Greys" could learn a thing or two from the Viet Cong.

Colonel: And I see my son's poisoning of my reputation precedes me, but I wouldn't expect less from his girlfriend.
Sharon: WIFE. How do you know who I am?

Colonel: Congratulations, although I am wounded to have not been invited. I made sure to research all of Jason's associates, Miss Murphy. My agents were ALWAYS thorough.

Colonel: [smugly, as Sharon's icy glare turns even angrier] Bachelor of Science, salutatorian, adoptive daughter of Kyle and Alice Murphy, biological daughter of Victor Glowerhausen and Esther Matusevitch... I KNOW who you're looking for...

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