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[[Sharon has been wandering through the Greys' ship in an attempt to find where they're holding her mother. Instead, though, she's found Colonel Lionel Barker, who is being held in a cell behind a glowing force field. He's just knocked Sharon off-balance by his knowledge of her family, and by the fact that he already knows that she's looking for her mother.]]
Sharon: [demanding] Where is she?
Colonel: How should I know? She's not far... I've heard her cursing at the aliens a time or two over trivial things.

Sharon: [coldly, turning to walk away] Then she shouldn't be too hard to find...
Colonel: [arms crossed] But are you sure you truly WANT to?

[[She turns back to face him.]]
Colonel: Your sister has gone to great lengths to discourage you from meeting her.
Sharon: She thinks I'll be disappointed, even disillusioned, but I already KNOW she's a criminal.

Colonel: [smugly] I'm afraid there's a great deal you have yet to learn about your family, my dear. Your mother, your sister, even your fathers... Innocence is one word that CAN'T be used to describe them.

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