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[[Angry at Colonel Lionel Barker's revelations about her family, Sharon turns to leave.]]
Sharon: I don't have to listen to this...
Colonel: And just how much HAS your sister told you about your father...?

[[Sharon stops, and answers over her shoulder.]]
Sharon: Not... much. We spent most of our time trying to track down our mom...
Colonel: [shrewdly] No wonder. I believe your sister considered him to be an embarrassment.

Colonel: He spent most of his adult life as a jobless drifter, hooked on recreational drugs. Then he became an FBI informant, spying on your mother, mooching off taxpayers' dollars.

Colonel: I believe Esther considered him her greatest mistake, with the two of you as natural corollaries. Perhaps that's why she had him killed, to get him out of the way...
[[Stunned at that news, Sharon turns fully back to face him, her eyes wide in shock.]]

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