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[[Sharon is reeling from Colonel Lionel Barker's suggestion that her mother had her father killed. She leans against the wall outside his cell, one hand on her head and the other against the wall. Barker watches her with apparent concern.]]
Colonel: I'm... sorry. I assumed... since your sister was found with Esther, that she had told you...

[[Recovering somewhat, Sharon looks up at Barker, furious.]]
Sharon: You... LIAR... I'll bet YOU had something to do with it...
Colonel: [dryly] No doubt that's what Esther would tell you. I'll leave it up to you whom to believe.

Colonel: [sternly] But I'll leave you with this one bit of advice: You come from a family of liars, cheaters, swindlers, and crooks. You, my dear, are perhaps the one thing they ever did RIGHT.

[[Barker has scored a direct hit, and Sharon sags, sadness in her eyes.]]
Barker: [turning away] You'll be better off blazing your own path, Miss Murphy. Sometimes, ignorance truly is bliss...

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