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[[After scoring his hit against Sharon, Colonel Lionel Barker has his back to her, a smug smile on his face. Sharon's recovering, though, as she glares at his back from outside his cell.]]
Sharon: You... may be right about my family. But let me tell you something about YOURS...

Sharon: [coldly] I forced Jason to tell me about your family. He told me about your illustrious career, about your long-suffering wife, about your cold, detached approach to "fatherhood"...
[[He turns to listen, now glaring a bit.]]

Sharon: Your sons are two of the bravest men I've ever met, and I'm HONORED to call Jason my husband. But YOU, the heartless tactician willing to sacrifice millions to his righteous cause...

Sharon: Now I SEE why your sons don't want to talk to you. I'm ASHAMED to admit you're my father-in-law, just like THEY'RE ashamed of you... And I'd bet Madeline would be too...
[[She turns to leave, as the Colonel's expression reveals that her remarks have definitely left their mark.]]

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