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[[Still upset from her meeting with Colonel Barker, Sharon glowers as she stalks the hallways of the Greys' ship, still looking for her mother's detention cell. We see her mental conversation as she walks.]]
Sharon: [thinking to herself] It's a good thing that force field was between us, or I would have clawed his eyeballs out. NOW I see why Fooker's been avoiding him...

Sharon: [thinking] He was manipulating me from the minute he first spoke. I did my best to keep up with him, but he was always one step ahead of me, and he knew all the right buttons to push.

Sharon: [thinking] I DEFINITELY shouldn't be alone with him again. For that matter, maybe it's not such a good idea for me to --
[[A voice interrupts her thoughts.]]
Voice: Sharon?

[[Sharon turns and sees Esther Matusevitch in her cell, behind a force field. Esther is holding a tablet and looks like she has been reading from it, but is now looking up wide-eyed at Sharon.]]
Esther: It... It IS you... My... My baby girl...

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