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[[Sharon has found Esther Matusevitch's cell on the Greys' ship, and Esther has recognized her. Esther rises to her feet, smiling hesitantly.]]
Esther: [awkwardly] My sweet little darling... You don't know how long I've--
[[Sharon interrupts, raising her hand in a "stop" gesture.]]
Sharon: [coldly] Stop right there, MOTHER.

[[Sharon eyes Esther coldly, and continues ruthlessly.]]
Sharon: Let's lay down the ground rules. I'm the daughter you didn't want, the "accident" you threw away. I was inconvenient, so you got rid of me and I became someone else's problem.

[[Esther's expression shifts from her hesitant smile to a coldness that matches Sharon's.]
Sharon: You're a criminal who worms her way into corporations and rots them from within, and you aided Colonel Barker in his crazy scheme to hand Earth over to alien invaders.

Esther: [coldly] Since you're on a roll, is there anything ELSE you'd like to accuse me of?
Sharon: You hired a pervert as a butler. That's about it, I think.

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