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[[Sharon and her mother, Esther Matusevich, glare tensely at each other through the force field around Esther's cell on the Greys' ship. Esther speaks, her arms crossed.]]
Esther: No doubt Trudy's ruined whatever first impressions I could possibly make, which I wouldn't blame her for. It's unlikely I'll be able to repair that damage, so let me at least say this...

Esther: I'm no saint. I've made my share of mistakes, and letting you go is chief among them. But I'm not getting any younger, and I'm running out of chances to make up for past misdeeds.

Esther: [looking away, expression softening a bit] So the best I can offer is to let you hear my side of the story. If you're as smart as your sister, you can make up your own mind. But then at least you'll have all the information.

[[Sharon's expression remains skeptical while Esther's face shows some of her remorse.]]
Sharon: [arms crossed] I'm here, aren't I? Start talking, and I'll start listening.

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