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[[We see Fooker, Ki, Trish, and Patty, sitting at a cafeteria-style table, nibbling at their meal cubes. Patty is talking, when Ki looks up toward us and stares.]]
Patty: And that's when "Faraday" tried to tell me--
Ki: [interrupting, staring off-panel towards us] What the frappé...?

[[The scene shifts, and we see what has Ki's attention. Trudy approaches, carrying her own tray of meal cubes, wearing a jumpsuit that is a decidedly darker gray than the others.]]
Patty: [drily] What happened to your jumpsuit?
Trudy: [darkly] Its chromatic refraction spatula has been maladjusted.

Trish: I-it's j-just a d-darker shade of g-gray...
Trudy: [snarling, slamming her tray onto the table] Don't you think I KNOW that?

[[Trudy sits down, as two Grey clones approach.]]
Trudy: I asked for something more "colorful" and THIS is what I got! Are these aliens all color blind?
Grey clone: Actually, it is very vibrant in infrared...

References: Faraday
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