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[[Patty, Trish, and Ki are responding to Trudy's rant about the gray jumpsuits, while Fooker listens.]]
Patty: What were you hoping for? A velour mini-dress with go-go boots?
Trudy: No! Just... something more interesting than THIS.

Ki: Sorry, Trudy, but right now we have more pressing things to worry about than space fashion. Which is more important, finding Earth or what we wear while doing it?

Trudy: Finding Earth, of course, but...
Patty: They're not pretty, but the jumpsuits are PRACTICAL. If nothing else, it's one less detail to worry about every morning.

Fooker: Hold on. I say we go back to the mini-dress and go-go boots idea...
Trudy, Ki, Patty, and Trish: [in unison] SHUT UP, FOOKER.

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