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[[Trudy, Patty, Trish, Ki, and Fooker are continuing their discussion that started with Trudy's rant about the grey jumpsuits.]]
Trish: I-I th-think Trudy has a p-point.
Patty: [dryly] Really? THIS I have to hear...

Trish: Th-they ARE b-boring. W-we're NOT all s-soldiers in uniform. A-and they're not ALWAYS p-practical. G-getting d-dressed makes me f-feel like a c-c-contortionist.

Ki: [reconsidering what she said earlier] And going to the restroom IS a bit awkward. You're practically naked in just your bra, with all your clothes lying down on the floor at your feet.

[[Fooker's eyebrows shoot up; he's getting a little uncomfortable with the turn the conversation has taken.]]
Patty: [darkly] Then there's the wedgies... both coming AND going...
Fooker: [looking at his wrist] Oh, my, is that the time? Where DOES it all go...?

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