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[[The women are continuing their discussion about the limited clothing options aboard the Greys' ship. Fooker has moved away, leaving just Trish, Patty, Ki, and Trudy.]]
Trudy: If Fooker can get his "jumpshorts", why can't WE get something better as well?
Ki: [holding up a hand] Hold on, now...

Ki: Before you go making demands, maybe you should consider why these jumpsuits were designed the way they were. Maybe the Greys had a reason for making them this way.

Patty: The Greys all wear those skin-tight suits. I'll bet a HUMAN gave them this pattern as a template. And who's the human they spent the most time with before we came along?

Ki, Trudy, Patty, Trish: [in unison] Nick.

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