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[[Nick is laying on the floor in front of Velociraptor, working with his head and arms inside the device. The ladies (Ki, Patty, Trish, and Trudy) enter the room, passing two Grey clones. One of the clones is holding a box labeled "Nick's Stuff" with some Grey characters underneath that.]]
Ki: Sweetie, we hate to bother you, but can we interrupt you for a few minutes...?

Nick: [climbing to his feet while wiping his hands on his jumpsuit] Actually, I was just about to take a break before installing the new power couplings. What's up?
Ki: Well, the girls and I were just talking...

Ki: [hesitantly] You were here, on the Grey ship, for a good month before anyone knew you were missing. They beamed you up from the hospital, where I assume you were only wearing a hospital gown...

Nick: [interrupting] You... want to know the origin of these jumpsuits, don't you?
Patty: [sarcastically, as Ki glares at her] No, we wanted to know if you and Ki kept the gown for kinky roleplaying.

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