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[[The girls (Ki, Patty, Trish, and Trudy) are reacting to Nick's description of how the grey jumpsuits came to be. Trudy responds first, launching a probing question at Nick.]]
Trudy: Since now we've got so many more humans on board, I don't suppose there are any objections to designing something a bit more... colorful?

Nick: Heck, I don't care, so long as everyone's decent and I can still get grease on mine.
Ki: [eyeing the greasy hand prints on Nick's jumpsuit] And as long as we don't have to do laundry...

Grey clone: If you provide us with the necessary patterns, we should be able to extrapolate replicated designs for virtually any human bodily dimensions.
Trudy: [smiling at last] Excellent!

[[Trudy grabs Trish's hand and with a determined expression pulls her away from the rest of the group.]]
Trudy: C'mon, home ec queen. I'm going to put your seamstress skills to the test.
Trish: [resigned] Um... O-ok...

References: "Home Ec"; Trish the seamstress: (1) (2)
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