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[[With three Grey clones watching on, Trudy test-models a replacement for the Greys' jumpsuits. She's wearing a sleeveless, thigh-length dress in a print pattern. She smiles happily as Trish measures the hem length with a tape measure.]]
Trish: I-is th-this too sh-short?
Trudy: No, it's perfect!

Grey clone: We can make the hemline length a configurable option.
Trudy: Excellent! I have a few more ideas on colors and patterns too.

Trudy: I also want the option to mix and match tops and bottoms. [[Trish starts to walk away but Trudy grabs her shoulder.]] Trish, one more thing...

Trudy: [grinning conspiratorially] Before you go, I have one more "secret project" for you to work on with me...
[[Trish looks nervous.]]

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