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[[Nick is overseeing several Grey clones (including Pi (#3141592) and Planck (#6626068)) who are assisting with his preparations to the MUTEX and Velociraptor. One of the aliens is examining a MUTEX helmet, one of them has its head and shoulders buried in Velociraptor's internals, and another is consulting a checklist.]]
Nick: We're almost finished. Once we're done with the power couplings, the hardware should be complete.

Planck: Fooker's latest driver build increased throughput efficiency by 54%, while Patty and Trish have completed the sub-routines you assigned to them.
Nick: Excellent.

Nick: I'll want to run some simulations through the reality matrix before we send anyone through, of course.
Pi: Naturally, but I have one question first...

Pi: [gesturing toward the two machines] How, EXACTLY, is this pile of junk supposed to be a trans-dimensional transport?

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