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[[Nick responds to Pi's question from the last strip ("How, exactly, is this pile of junk supposed to be a trans-dimensional transport?"). Planck stands nearby, listening, as Nick holds one of the MUTEX helmets and examines it as he responds.]]
Nick: [sadly] Well, it didn't start out that way. The MUTEX was originally a virtual reality simulator. It was when I hooked it up to Velociraptor as a power source that it... changed.

Planck: Still, that doesn't explain WHY it works. This combination of hardware and software shouldn't work this way.
Nick: I wish I could explain things better, but I can't.

Nick: I have this DNA quirk we call the Inventor's Gene. I build things and they just work. I don't always know how.
Pi: We're already aware of your anomalous genetic makeup.

Pi: [suspiciously] It sounds, however, like your VR device isn't the real mystery here. I want to know more about this power source, and how it can apparently punch holes in reality...

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