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[[Nick continues his conversation with Pi and Planck regarding hooking the MUTEX and Velociraptor into the Greys' systems.]]
Planck: I was wondering how we were going to power all this. I don't think the ship's subsystems can handle it.
Nick: [gesturing] Don't worry. Velociraptor has all the power we'll need.

Nick: [continuing] It's a... free energy device.
Planck: [happily, giving a "thumbs up" in response] That's convenient!
Pi: [extremely skeptical] That's impossible.

Pi: There's no such thing as "free energy". As a scientist, you should know that.
Nick: I DO, but that doesn't change the fact that it WORKS.

Nick: If it's drawing power from somewhere, it's not any source I've been able to identify.
Pi: If I were you, that would make me even MORE cautious about using it.

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