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[[Dexter and Nick continue their conversation as Pi and Planck (Grey clones #3141592 and #6626068) listen in, confused looks on their faces.]]
Nick: [to Dex] How are the training sessions going?
Dex: Well enough, I suppose. We've covered just about everything we can think of.

Dex: [sadly] The problem is, everyone's getting frustrated. Ki and Trudy sit out most sessions now, and Sharon hasn't even been showing up. She missed the last two.
Nick: [concerned] Frustrated? Why?

Dex: [animated] It's Justin! I like the guy and all, but he keeps taking command and running things like a drill sergeant! Our military volunteers are eating it up, but the civilians aren't.

Dex: [hesitantly] I don't suppose you'll let me help you tinker here, just a little...?
[[Nick grins a bit, but his response is still stern. He holds up three fingers as Planck tries to make sense of things in the background.]]
Nick: Three words: "Bog of Bloodbath".

References: "Training sessions"; Ki, Sharon, and Trudy complain about Justin; Dexter, the MUTEX, and "Bog of Bloodbath": (1) (2)
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