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[[Pi and Planck (Grey clones #3141592 and #6626068) have stepped away and are discussing something in the background as Nick and Dex continue their discussion about the MUTEX.]]
Dex: That reminds me... I've been thinking about something you told us on the first day you revealed the MUTEX...

Dex: You said that it mines the Internet for the data it needs to build virtual worlds. I don't know how or even IF that affects its trans-dimensional capabilities...

Nick: Oh, the MUTEX still needs Internet access to work, even as an inter-dimensional transport. Don't worry, through. I've got that covered.

Dex: [confused] Forgive me for asking, but just how the heck can it access the Internet if right now we can't even access the EARTH?

References: The MUTEX and the Internet: (1) (2) (3)
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