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[[Nick is explaining to Dexter why the lack of the Internet isn't going to be a major obstacle for bringing the MUTEX back online. Pi and Planck (Grey clones #3141592 and #6626068) are listening to the exchange.]]
Nick: The Greys have been observing humans for years now. As such, they've been periodically downloading snapshots of the entire Internet and archiving them.

[[Planck opens a drawer, his face screwed up in concentration. A faint glow from something within the drawer illuminates his face.]]
Nick: Fortunately, they had just completed their latest snapshot a day or two before the Earth vanished. We should be able to use that to give the MUTEX something to chew on.

Dex: [excited] That's awesome! Where is it? I was disappointed I couldn't catch up on my webcomics...
Planck: [pulling on Dexter's shirtsleeve] Here it is!

[[Nick and Dex turn to see Planck holding a small glowing cube in the palm of his hand. Nick's expression is basically unchanged, while Dex is decidedly nonplussed.]]

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