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[[Nick and Dexter are talking to Pi and Planck (Grey clones #3141592 and #6626068). Planck is still holding the small glowing cube that he revealed in the last strip as containing the Greys' latest snapshot of the Internet.]]
Dex: [astonished] THAT little thing holds the entire Internet?!
Pi: Of course. Our holographic fractal hyperspace memory technology is far superior to anything on Earth.

Pi: Besides, our data compression methods are highly efficient. We're able to reduce zettabytes by several orders of magnitude and STILL allow them to be indexed and searched.

[[We see a closeup of the cube in Planck's palm. It looks to be no more than about 2 inches on a side.]]
Planck: We also have sophisticated algorithms for identifying and discarding redundant copies of duplicate data, which proved invaluable in making this archive possible!

Planck: [staring happily at the cube in his hand] Why, you should have SEEN how many cubes we needed before we filtered out all those cat videos...
[[Dex and Nick share a knowing glance, as Pi breaks the fourth wall with a deadpan glare.]]

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