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[[Nick, Dex, and the two Grey clones #3141592 ("Pi") and #6626068 ("Planck") and discussing the small glowing cube that Planck is holding and that was referred to in a previous strip as the Greys' latest "snapshot" of Earth's Internet.]]
Dex: [sadly, leaning down and examining the cube] It's kinda sad, seeing the sum of all human knowledge compressed into such a tiny package...
Planck: Oh, this isn't ALL of it...

Pi: There are more cubes. This is just the only one we're allowed to research. For some reason, the Skaboola keeps the others to himself.

Dex: [angrily] That hardly sounds fair. I wonder what's so important that he's withholding...
Planck: I don't know, but I DO know this...

Planck: This cube holds everything that isn't "porn", whatever THAT is...
[[The other three's reactions vary. Dex glares sadly, Nick just facepalms in embarrassment, and Pi grimaces angrily.]]

References: The Skaboola's "interest" in human mating "documentaries": (1) (2) (3)
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