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[[Ki is continuing to comfort Sharon, who is tired and depressed and resting her head on her arms in front of a scatter of tablets.]]
Ki: [with a hand on Sharon's shoulder] I understand your frustrations. We ALL do. We're all in the same boat together.

Ki: [determined] I'm not sure I understand all of Nick's sci-fi explanations, but I do know he's confident in our abilities, and that gives me confidence too. We'll find the Earth, and we'll bring it back.

[[Sharon begins snoring quietly, but Ki's comforting speech has gained momentum and she doesn't notice.]]
Ki: [encouragingly] So don't beat yourself up over this. We need everyone in top form. Why don't you take a break and get some rest. Maybe a quick nap will recharge your batteries...

[[Ki trails off as she notices that Sharon is already fast asleep, still in exactly the same position she was at the beginning of the strip.]]

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