General Protection Fault presents Harry Barker and the Prisoner of Angband

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[[After stomping away from his Aunt and Uncle's house, Harry Barker pulls his wheeled suitcase down the sidewalk. He is passing in front of a playground, thinking to himself as he walks.]]
Harry: [thinking] I didn't MEAN to unleash that virus that deleted Aunt Tillie's cat video collection! It just... HAPPENED! She started talking trash about Mom and Dad and I just... snapped.

Harry: [thinking] Now I'll get in trouble with the Ministry for underage hacking, and they'll kick me out of Hollerith's. I just know it. All because of my stupid temper.
[[He stops and lets his suitcase fall to the ground.]]

[[Using his suitcase as an impromptu seat he sits, lowering his head into his hands.]]
Harry: [thinking] I suppose it can't get any worse...
[[From across the street we see a dark, furred shape rising with a sinister hiss.]]

[[As Harry watches in surprise the monster begins to cross the street toward him, hissing. Drool drips from its bared fangs, and its large eyes glow in the darkness.]]

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