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[[Suddenly a triple-decker bus screeches to a halt between Harry Barker and large black monster that was approaching him from across the street. The bus destination (from the sign on the front of the bus) is "SCSI", and the grill contains the IEEE logo for a SCSI interface. Harry jumps back from the bus' very close approach.]]

[[A very unkempt young man descends to the first step of the bus' entrance, and reads from a card to Harry Barker.]]
Attendant: [bored] Scuzzy bus, emergency transport for hackers in need. Where ya headed, squirt.
Harry: [still reeling] Th-the Blinky Console...

[[Harry boards the bus and stares across the street, where the black monster was moments before.]]
Attendant: What're you starin' at?
Harry: [sadly] Apparently nothing.

Attendant: [shouting, to the unseen driver] TAKE IT AWAY, ERIC!
[[The bus zooms away, forcing Harry to hang on for his life, but we can still see the black monster hiding in the trees near where Harry last saw it.]]

References: SCSI, i.e. the "Scuzzy" bus
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