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General Protection Fault presents Harry Barker and the Prisoner of Angband

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[[As the SCSI bus roars off, its conductor introduces himself to Harry.]]
Conductor: [pointing to himself] I'm th' Pimply-Faced Youth, yer conductor for this evenin'. We'll arrive at th' Blinky Console momentarily.
[[The conductor is holding a tablet, and Harry notices a face displayed on it.]]

Harry: [pointing at the tablet] Who's that?
Conductor: Him? He's "Serious Nick"! He's that famous murderer!

[[The Conductor holds up the tablet and displays the image to Harry. The image is a mugshot of a snarling man in a striped prison uniform, holding a sign that reads "4d 75 72 64 65 72." (He looks like Nick, but with a beard and wild hair.)]]
Conductor: He just escaped from Angband Prison. Ain't NOBODY ever done that before! Word is he's a big supporter of You-Know-Who.

[[The conductor leans in face-to-face with Harry, who leans back to avoid him.]]
Conductor: [pushing his finger into Harry's chest] Reckon you've heard o' HIM...
Harry: [annoyed] You could say that.

References: "Pimply-Faced Youth"; Angband: Source (Wikipedia, Jargon File), prior mentions (1) (2); "You-Know-Who"
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