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[[At the Blinky Console: We see the screen of a tablet displaying a news feed with a picture of a large family and the headline "MEASLY WINS SWEEPSTAKES". Among the family members are Don Measly, his parents, and his sister Jenny, implying that the others present must be Don's brothers. From off-panel we hear Don and Harry talking about the article.]]
Harry: So how was Egypt, Don?
Don: Loads o' fun, Harry!

[[The scene shifts, and we see that Mr. and Mrs. Measly and Harmony Stranger are also present. Don holds a computer mouse, looking at it sadly, as Mr. Measly starts to pull Harry aside.]]
Don: But keeping the sand out o' Scribbles here was a pain...
Mr. Measly: Harry, lad, can I have a word...?

[[Mr. Measly pulls Harry to the other side of the room. In the foreground, Don and Harmony seem to exchange glances. Harmony seem skeptical, while Don is growing angry.]]
Mr. Measly: Sounds like the Ministry is going to excuse the incident with your aunt, given the circumstances. As long as you're safe...
Harry: What circumstances?

[[We see the two of them standing in front of a picture on the wall. The picture contains the mugshot we saw in the previous strip. The mugshot is headlined "WANTED Deleted or Alive" and captioned "'Serious' Nick Wellington".]]
Mr. Measly: [gravely] Rumor has it "Serious Nick" was in league with You-Know-Who, and seeks to finish his work by killing you. Promise me you'll stay safe and won't go looking for him...

References: Don; Harmony; The Measlys; Scribbles the Mouse: (1) (2) (3); Hacker input devices
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