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General Protection Fault presents Harry Barker and the Prisoner of Angband

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[[On the train to Hollerith's, Harry, Harmony, and Don are seated together, talking. We see the train crossing a long, curving bridge, and we hear Harry's voice coming from inside.]]
Harry: I mean, why would I go looking for someone who broke out of prison to KILL me?

[[Inside the car we see the three of them, as well as a sleeping figure with his coat flung over him like a blanket.]]
Don: Who's sleeping beauty?
Harmony: D. W. Duncan. At least, that's what's on his luggage.

[[Suddenly the train slows to a stop, and the characters' breath turns to fog.]]
Harmony: [fearful, throwing her arms around Don] The train's stopping!
Don: Zounds! And the air's turned to ice! What's going on?

[[The door to the compartment slides open, revealing a shadowy figure floating outside. We hear its whispering voice. Harry and Don stare wide-eyed as it moves to enter the car through the window.]]
Voice: You forgot to brush your teeth...
Voice: You have three hairs out of place...
Don: W-What's THAT!?
Voice: You have a zit forming on the side of your nose...

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