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General Protection Fault presents Harry Barker and the Prisoner of Angband

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[[The train has been stopped on its way to Hollerith's, and the shadowy figure that stopped it has entered the compartment occupied by Harry, Harmony, Don, and a sleeping man. The figure heads straight for Harry, still whispering.]]
Figure: You chew your food with your mouth open...
Figure: You never clean your room...
[[Harry backs away from the figure, but there's only so much space in the compartment.]]
Figure: You didn't flush and wash your hands...

[[The figure leans over Harry and holds him face to face. Harry's glasses fall off, and Don and Harmony watch in horror as Harry stares transfixed into the figure's face.]]
Figure: You left the toilet seat up...
Figure: Your eyes are too wide for your face...
[[The sleeping man coat, which he's been using as a blanket, drops as he wakes up.]]
Figure: You're not going out in THOSE shoes, are you?

[[The sleeping man (who looks suspiciously like Duane Duncan, but with two parallel diagonal scars through his right eye) pulls out a trackball, points it at the figure, and clicks a button.]]

[[The device begins to glow, and drives the shadowy figure back from Harry. He falls to the floor unconscious. As Harmony reaches for Harry, a voice from an unknown source (not one of the characters in the cabin) shouts Harry's name.]]

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