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[[On the train to Hollerith's, Harry is recovering from his encounter with the shadowy figure. He's starting to sit up, dazed and rubbing his head. Harmony and Don kneel next to him, while the man who drove the figure away stands over them.]]
Harmony: Harry! Are you alright?
Don: Blimey, you gave us a fright!
Harry: W-what was that thing?

[[The man leans down to Harry, placing his hand on Harry's shoulder and smiling at him. Although he has not been formally introduced yet, regular readers will recognize him as Dwayne Duncan, GPF's founder, although now he has two scars crossing his face and over his right eye.]]
Dwayne: That was a debugger of Angband. Nasty beasts. Their whole reason to exist is to tell hackers everything they do wrong. You're safe now. I'll go talk with the driver.]]

[[Dwayne walks off, leaving the three kids alone in the compartment. Harry finds his glasses and puts them back on.]]
Harry: Did... either of you pass out?
Don: No, but I felt like I'd never do anything right ever again.

Harry: But you heard her, didn't you? That woman screaming my name...?
Harmony: No, Harry... I'm sorry, but there's no one here but us.

References: Debugger
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