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General Protection Fault presents Harry Barker and the Prisoner of Angband

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[[Don and Harry are sitting at a table at the front of a classroom, where a female professor in a flowing long dress and extra thick glasses (almost goggles) introduces herself as Professor Oracularity and begins her lecture.]]
Oracularity: [gesturing expansively] Welcome, children, to the marvelous world of Predictive Analytics! I, Prof. Oracularity, shall be your guide to... the future!

[[Prof. Oracularity motions toward several graphs behind her as she continues.]]
Oracularity: Some scoff at the power of predictive algorithms, but I promise that the future lies within the data you already have; it needs only to be mined...

[[At their table, Harry appears openly skeptical, while Don is struggling to stay awake.]]
Oracularity: Why, it's only within the past decade or two that vigilant prophets divined the coming of a golden age of computers, to be led by one who shall revolutionize the world...

[[Harmony suddenly appears between Harry and Don, who stare at her in shock.]]
Harmony: Sounds like a load of Hadoop if you ask me...
Don: Where the Mahout did YOU come from?

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