General Protection Fault presents Harry Barker and the Prisoner of Angband

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[[In Prof. Oracularity's class, the rest of the class watches as the professor holds Harmony's hand and concentrates intently. Her eyes are closed so she doesn't see Harmony glaring at her.]]
Oracularity: Not all have the gift for predictive analysis. My dear, I sense your probits and logits have regressed; your least squares are as ordinary as they come.

[[Her attention shifts to Don.]]
Oracularity: But YOU, my boy... I sense you are in the Cloud... Look into Harry's data and tell me what you see...
Don: [pointing at the screen shared by the three of them] Um, I-I see something h-hairy and... smelly...

[[The professor jumps back in shock and fear, eyes wide.]]
Oracularity: It is the omen of death, the specter of darkness! He who abhors light and devours all who tread aimlessly into its realm! I-it is...

[[Looking over Harry's shoulder we see the image on his screen, which pictures the black monster that was menacing Harry the night he left his uncle's house.]]
Oracularity: THE GRUE!

References: Probits and logits; Ordinary least squares; "The Cloud"; The Grue on Wikipedia and in the Jargon File
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