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General Protection Fault presents Harry Barker and the Prisoner of Angband

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[[Harry, Harmony, and Don are outside Hollerith's, racing for their next class. Don brings up the rear behind Harmony and Harry.]]
Harmony: I wouldn't worry about her "Grue", Harry. Why, in Numerical Analysis class--
Don: [interrupting] Hold on, now... Isn't that taught at the same time as Predictive Analytics?

[[The trio catch up with the rest of the students, who are standing at the edge of a forest near Dexter. Harry turns to Don and Harmony, a smile on his face.]]
Harry: There's Dexter! It's time for his first class!
Dexter: Gather 'round, everyone! Don't be shy!

Dexter: [turning, speaking to the class over his shoulder] Today for our Digital Creatures class, I have a real treat. Stay here and I'll be right back.
Voice: [from off-panel. whispered] Psst! Barker! Z-Head!

[[The view shifts, and we see the voice belonged to Darco Mouso, who is flanked by Crappe and Greep.]]
Darco: [sneering, to Harry] Did the debuggers tell you that you forgot to change your diaper this morning...?
Harmony: [to Darco, whispering] Log off, Mouso.

References: Darco Mouso; Crappe and Gweep (or at least Harry and Don masquerading as them via a polymorph function)
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