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General Protection Fault presents Harry Barker and the Prisoner of Angband

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[[Dexter has returned, and has brought one of his "digital creatures" with him. It's currently peering out at the class from behind a tree.]]
Dexter: Now put away your tablets, smartphones, and PDAs. I don't want to see a single electronic device. That's very important, now...

[[The creature moves out from behind the tree and is standing next to Dexter. It looks like a gigantic translucent praying mantis.]]
Dexter: This here's Buckybits. He's a Heisenbug. Very timid creatures, they are. Like all bugs, they'll crash a system like no one's business, but they're harmless to humans.

[[Dexter pushes Harry toward Buckybits, who looms over Harry. Harry shrinks back away from the creature, an expression of terror on his face.]]
Dexter: Go on, Harry! Make friends! He's a bit shy, but as long as you keep your tech hidden, he's a big pussycat.

[[Harry reaches up and pets Buckybits, who closes his eyes and begins to purr.]]
Harry: [more relaxed] Heh... That kinda tingles...

References: "Bucky bits" and "heisenbug" from the Jargon File; "Digital creatures" in the Harry Barker world are virtual reality constructs much like the "data ghosts" seen previously
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