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General Protection Fault presents Harry Barker and the Prisoner of Angband

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[[Most of the class has clustered around Dexter and the Heisenbug Buckybits, who seems to be enjoying the attention. Darco, however, holds back from the group, a scowl on his face.]]
Dexter: Gather 'round, everyone! He's all friendly now! Just keep those gadgets where he can't see them...

[[Darco turns away from Buckybits, talking to Crappe and Greep. He doesn't notice that Buckybits has noticed his tablet and is approaching him, eyeing the tablet hungrily.]]
Darco: [disgusted] What a total waste of time. "Come pet the hologram!" When my father hears of this...

[[Buckybits touches Darco's tablet, which emits a sparking aurora. Darco reacts with shock, pulling the tablet away from the creature.]]

Darco: [looking at his tablet's screen] My assignments! Everything's scrambled! That insect will pay for this!
Dexter: [whispered, to Harry] Not the best first day on the job, is it...?

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