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[[The students are in Prof. Dwayne Duncan's class. He's standing in front of a wheeled cabinet, lecturing the class.]]
Duncan: [gesturing toward the cabinet] You're probably wondering what the cabinet is for. Inside is a Bogon, a nasty "creature" that is relatively harmless, but which is sneakier than they appear.

Duncan: Bogons distract their opponents with ridiculous nonsense. Their greatest weapon is YOUR laughter. Ergo, your best defense against one is your greatest fear.

Duncan: [intensely] Concentrating on your greatest fear can be distracting in its own right. As such, you must learn to recognize and control that fear to keep the Bogon from getting the best of you.

[[Duncan turns to Don, who is in the front row next to Harmony, and smiles.]]
Duncan: [to Don] I've heard through the grapevine that you don't like spiders, Don. Focus on that...
Don: [hesitatingly] I'd rather focus on anything else, thank you very much...

References: Bogon; Don and spiders
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