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General Protection Fault presents Harry Barker and the Prisoner of Angband

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[[Don's encounter with the Bogon is complete, leaving the Bogon looking like a clown riding on a unicycle, while a completely frazzled Don walks from the encounter (obviously concentrating on spiders has taken its toll on him).]]
Dwayne: Nicely done, Done! Truly terrifying! Harry, you're up!

[[Harry turns to the Bogon then leaps back, eyes wide and hair on end, as it morphs into a sinister hooded debugger, reaching for him.]]

[[Dwayne leaps between Harry and the bogon, putting his arms around Harry protectively. The bogon morphs again, this time into a menacing dragon (presumably at Dwayne's command).]]

Dwayne: [waving to the rest of the class] I think that's enough for today, everyone. Read up on the next chapter! Class dismissed!
[[Still shaken, Harry remains behind as everybody else, including Don and Harmony, leave the classroom.]]

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