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[[Dwayne and Harry have moved out onto the bridge, and Dwayne is talking to Harry about the ramifications of what just happened in class.]]
Dwayne: I'm a little surprised you chose a debugger as your greatest fear. I had assumed you would choose Lord Gnawthrylilees.
Harry: [sadly] I DID think of him...

Harry: but for some reason the debugger seemed scarier at that moment.
Dwayne: [intensely] That's because your greatest fear is failing yourself and your friends. You fear fear itself.

Dwayne: [comforting, with a hand on Harry's shoulder] The debuggers affect you because there are true horrors in your past that none of your classmates can relate to. You have nothing to be ashamed of.

Harry: I thought maybe the debugger was scarier because I have no idea what Gnawthrylilees looks like. In the flashbacks I saw, he was kinda... puny...
[[Dwayne grins a little in response]

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