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[[Harry and Dwayne continue their conversation on the bridge. Dwayne has turned away from Harry, a doleful expression on his face.]]
Dwayne: I knew your parents, by the way. They were good friends, and helped me through difficult times. You are probably tired of hearing this, but you're a lot like them.

[[He turns back toward Harry, a small smile on his face.]]
Dwayne: I hear you share your father's talent for trouble. You look just like him, you know... Except...
Harry: [running his fingers through his hair] I know, "Except for the hair".

Dwayne: Actually, I was going to say you have your mother's eyes.
Harry: [smiling] Really? Are they the same color or something?

Dwayne: [teasing] Well, from the thickness of those glasses, I'd say you're as blind as she was without her contacts...

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