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[[Harry and Don are walking into their next classroom, just in time for class to start. Don looks agitated, talking to Harry as they walk through the door.]]
Don: Did you hear the rumor that "Serious Nick" tried to get into the castle last night?
Harry: [surprised] What? No!
Sysape: [off panel, from the front of the classroom] Now that we're all here...

[[Professor Scott Sysape stands at the front of the classroom, wearing his usual black robe and standing next to a picture (probably a projected slide) of a hairy four-footed animal.]]
Sysape: Since Prof. Duncan is "unwell", I will be teaching your Black Arts class for today. Who can tell me what a "Beowulf" is...?
Voice: Prof. Sysape...

[[The voice is revealed to be Harmony's, who is suddenly seated next to Harry (and she did NOT walk in with them).]]
Harmony: Besides the old English poem, the term is typically applied to a cluster of networked, commodity-grade computers.
Don: [shocked whisper] When did SHE show up?

Harmony: [continuing] But in recent years it has been co-opted to describe hackers who have been "corrupted" by rogue VR software, transforming them uncontrollably at periodic intervals.

References: Professor Sysape; Beowulf; Beowulf cluster; "VR"; VR is in heavy use at Hollerith's: (1) (2) (3) (4) (5) (6)
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