General Protection Fault presents Harry Barker and the Prisoner of Angband

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[[Harry, Don, and Harmony are walking together through Hollerith's grounds.]]
Don: [to Harry] I can't believe you saw the Grue again during that Quakish match!
Harmony: And that it distracted you enough for the debuggers to attack again!

Harmony: [concentrating] Dumpingcore is furious. You need to find a way to defend against the debuggers...
Don: [grinning broadly] At least a trip to Hexadecimal Village will give you a welcome distraction...
[[Harry facepalms in frustration.]]

Harry: [sadly, stopping as Don and Harmony start to move away] I... never got Uncle Trent to sign the permission form. With all that happened with Aunt Tillie...
Don: [looking over his shoulder at Harry] Oh... Sorry, mate. McDongle said no exceptions...

[[Harmony and Don watch as Harry walks away, a look of purpose on his face.]]
Harry: [thinking to himself] But who says I can't find a way to sneak out of the castle anyway...

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