General Protection Fault presents Harry Barker and the Prisoner of Angband

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[[Harry proceeds to sneak about the castle, looking for a way to covertly leave the grounds and reach the nearby Hexademical Village. As he skulks about and peers around a corner, two voices speaking in unison mildly startle him.]]
Voices: 'Ello, what's this? Harry Barker is up to a bit o' mischief and didn't invite us?

[[Harry turns to see a pair of identical teenage twin boys loitering at a nearby window. Their black hair, freckles, and general appearance suggest they are likely to be Don's older brothers. Harry responds with mild surprise and desperation.]]
Harry: Fred! Barney! I've GOT to sneak out of the castle to Hexadecimal Village!
Fred and Barney: [in unison] Oh, WE know. Fortunately, we decided YOUR need is greater than ours.

[[One twin folds his arms mischievously while the other holds up a darkened tablet, proffering it to Harry (although from our perspective it almost seems like they're handing it to the reader).]]
Fred and Barney: [in unison] This is the Hooligan's Hash. It maps every hidden exit from the castle, as well as the location of everyone inside it. We nicked it from Fisk's office a few years back.

[[Harry takes the tablet and turns it on. On the screen is a map of the castle. Several tiny dots move about the map with call-outs displaying the names of those they represent. Both Professors Dumpingcore and Sysape are prominently displayed.]]
Fred and Barney: [in unison] Just make sure to push the home button and say "Tomfoolery Terminated" when you're done; otherwise anyone can read it.

References: We haven't officially met Don's twin brothers Fred and Barney until now, but they did make a brief appearance here, in the photo; Fred and Barney in the Jargon File; Caretaker Fisk; Hash table/map
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