General Protection Fault presents Harry Barker and the Prisoner of Angband

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[[Harry sits between Don and Harmony, showing them the Hooligan's Hash device. Don is suitably impressed, while Harmony is a bit more circumspect.]]
Don: Zounds, Harry! That Hooligan's Hash seems awesome!
Harmony: And dangerous. You need to be careful with this, Harry.

[[Harmony looks down a passageway between buildings at three people, one of whom is Professor McDongle.]]
Harmony: Hey, isn't that Minister of Hacking Coreleak Fud? I wonder what he's talking to McDongle about?

Harmony: I wish we could hear what they're saying...
Don: [excited] Harry! This is the perfect time for you to try out your cloaking device!

[[Harry looks confused, and Don attempts to clarify.]]
Don: You know, the one you received as a mysterious gift in our first year but which we conveniently forgot about until just now?
Harry: Um... Right...
[[Harmony looks dryly at both of them.]]

References: The Minister of Hacking's first appearance; Core leak and FUD in the Jargon File
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