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General Protection Fault presents Harry Barker and the Prisoner of Angband

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[[Under the effect of the cloaking device, a barely visible Harry follows Patty McDongle, Minister Coreleak Fud, and the female owner of the nearby inn as they ascend a staircase to the rooms above. As the innkeeper pushes the door to, Harry sneaks near to eavesdrop.]]
Innkeeper: "Serious Nick" in Hexadecimal? Heaven forbid! What was it he was sent to Angband for again...?

[[Harry peers through the slightly ajar door as Fud pours from a pitcher into a glass. Meanwhile, Patty addresses the innkeeper's question.]]
Patty: Do you remember Petey Petagrue? Little lump of a man who always followed Jason and Nick around? THAT was who Nick murdered.

[[Fud interrupts.]]
Fud: He didn't just murder him; he OBLITERATED him! All they found was a finger! And he killed twelve Luddies in the process. AND that was AFTER he betrayed the Barkers to Gnawthrylilees!
[[The innkeeper reacts with surprise, while Patty remains to usual deadpan self.]]

Patty: [Growing concerned] But that's not the worst of it. "Serious Nick" was, and remains to this day, Harry Barker's godfather...
[[Outside the door, the barely visible Harry is shocked by this revelation.]]

References: Luddies
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